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Stockholm, Sweden




WDT Music has partnered with 100VINYL.com to offer you the best price on CD and vinyl production. 


Contact us directly to benefit from a special

5% discount 

or if you want to receive an individual offer

on your next order.

CD & Vinyl


Specialising in small batches, 100VINYL gives you the opportunity to start with 500 CDs in carton sleeves for €340 or only €370 for 1000

With 100VINYL you can start with 100 7″ vinyls for €430, or only €530 for 200! 12″ prices start at €580.

On top, you get 5% off with the WDT Music voucher code!

WDT Music

100VINYL.COM is a one stop online solution for vinyl, CD and merchandise manufacturing. Their philosophy is simple: they offer a high quality product that meets the tight budget required by independent artists and labels.

This approach has been applied to all of products and services:

Vinyl and CD record pressing (cardboard packaging, Digipack, Digisleeve) merchandising (tote bags, Teeshirts, stickers etc.), print services (flyers, brochures, posters etc.) and even audio equipment (turntables, audio amplifiers, hi-fi stereo).

100VINYL.COM specializes in producing small batches of products and works in unison with Wolfpack United (WU), a manufacturing agency who has been working closely with the finest music professionals and PR agencies since its inception.