Want to get your tracks professionally mixed or want to know how the pros do it?


JP Masters offer both to you!

Professional mixing & lessons


Professional Mixing

JP Masters' rate depends on the number of tracks you have per project.

   1-8 tracks € 100/song

 9-16 tracks € 140/song

17-24 tracks € 180/song

25-40 tracks € 220/song

One-on-one mixing classes

JP Masters also offer personal support so you can mix your own tracks.

1/2 hour € 50

   1 hour € 80

Fundamentals of Sound

An in-depth look at sound and how to setup a home studio

  • Home studio setup

  • Speaker placement

  • Choosing a DAW

  • Choosing an interface

  • Room acoustics

  • Behavior of sound (frequency, amplitude, phase, etc)

Audio Recording

Learn to properly capture sound

  • Microphones

  • Proper mic selection and placement

  • Proper gain-staging

  • Equalization

  • Dynamic processing

  • Track editing

  • Vocal and instrument track comping

  • Content will be presented via Skype and shared desktop with examples and demonstrations made using protools and other workstations, as well as powerpoint slides.


Learn to create a tight powerful and well balanced mix

  • Balancing tracks

  • Equalization as it applies to mixing

  • Dynamic processing as it applies to mixing

  • Using reverb, echo and other effects

  • Automation